Professional Development


You too can be a great presenter

You will be trained on delivering the most effective, proficient  relevant presentation. If public speaking is one of your fears, this training will be sure to reduce your anxieties.

Employment Assistance

Seeking employment  can be challenging, We will train you on how to effectively ace your interview, manage anxiety and get call back for the 2nd interview. 

Guaranteed Internships

You don't have the experience?????

Our internships program will ensure the opportunity for you to practice and  apply all your newly  learned skills. 

Resume Preparation

How simple is this! You meet with the vocational counselor and they will create a resume  you will be proud of and employers will be calling....

Recovery Coaching

You will have your own  Recovery Coach to help you through your vocational / education process. 

Individual Sessions with the President

You will meet with the president to go over your professional development progress that is design specifically to enhance and broaden your individual skills.