Who Should Attend?


Anyone who is interested in promoting recovery services and who is dedicated to the goal of helping those less fortunate and affected with the maladies of alcohol and substance use disorders.

Anyone who wants greater understanding of recovery and the treatment process, professional wellness, and development. 

Anyone who wants to become a skilled counselor, confident, and knowledgeable of the latest OASAS standards and counseling techniques. 

Anyone who struggles with finding and sustaining employment due to their history of Substance Abuse, Mental Health or incarceration.

Anyone who is interested in the fight against Bullying. 

Anyone who is interested in  the empowerment of women.

Anyone who is struggling with the appropriate channeling of Anger/Frustration. 

If your interested in the overall process of recovery  & wellness, whether its through direct care or  coaching, you can obtain the skills you need at Recoveries R US, LLC training programs.