Giovanni S.

"I had an amazing experience with Ms. Connie Pacheco. Thank you Connie, I plan to come back for my Ethics class and CASAC. God bless Recoveries R US."  

Abraham J.

"I liked the course. I'm glad we picked this location because it was productive and to the point. I like the teaching style because it helped everyone to feel comfortable enough to participate, share, and input one's own experience." 

Liduvina M.

"Fue una clase maravillosa, con una excelente maesina, tuve una experiencia unica, pues sequn hiba pasando la clase se hiba poniendo mas interesante." 

Sojourner H.

"This opened up a whole world of knowledge and deeper understanding of the many paths to recovery and respective fields. I will definitely recommend Recoveries R US LLC."  

John C.

"At first I didn't think that I could do this, but after sitting in a couple of classes with Ms. Connie I began to grasp the concept a little clearer. Now I feel more confidant that I can do it."

Erika C.

"Connie is a thorough, authentic and energetic instructor. The concepts were broken down easily and I feel very prepared for my future pursuits."