James L Blake.

"I gained the knowledge needed to become a confident recovery coach." 

Taylor Taxin.

"Connie was beyond amazing, smart and easy to follow. She was very encouraging  and I will be coming back for the Peer Ethics class." 

Liduvina M.

"Fue una clase maravillosa, con una excelente maesina, tuve una experiencia unica, pues sequn hiba pasando la clase se hiba poniendo mas interesante." 

Judith Ruiz.

"This was an excellent training. Connie was great, very enthusiastic & very informative. I loved the experience & knowledge i've gained. 

John C.

"At first I didn't think that I could do this, but after sitting in a couple of classes with Ms. Connie I began to grasp the concept a little clearer. Now I feel more confidant that I can do it."

Cara Gardella.

"There ain't no other place on earth like Recoveries R US. The caliber of instruction far surpassed my expectations. I felt encouraged, enlightened and empowered."