Shihan Klein​ Master Instructor,


Master Instructor, Shihan David Klein first started

training in Tiger Schulmann’s MMA over 25 years ago.

He is a 5th degree black belt with 15 years experience

as a head instructor. He is recognized as one of the

high-ranking Shihans in the organization. 

Initially inspired from the original Karate Kid

movie, Shihan Klein’s main goal was to learn self defense.

Under the instruction of Master Tiger Schulmann himself, Shihan Klein not only learned the self-defense techniques he  desired but also the discipline

and non-quitting spirit that it takes to become a true mixed

martial artist. Shihan Klein progressed into one of the

top students and competitors within the organization achieving

many accolades for his hard work and dedication. In

addition to his martial arts accomplishments, Shihan Klein

received his Bachelors of Science degree from State

University of New York at Albany in Economics and Computer Science.

Shihan Klien has been the face of the Englewood school for over a decade. He has taught students of all ages including the children of celebrities, Patrick Ewing and Eddie Murphy. Shihan Klein’s teaching goes beyond learning self;-defense and getting in shape. He is credited for installing confidence and discipline in many student, guiding them to achieve any of their goals through martial arts, just as he had learned under Master Tiger Schulmann.

Shihan Klein has also played an integral role in the development of many of the seminars Tiger Schulmann’s MMA has produced and still teaches today. He has been teaching Women Safe, Child Safe, and Bully Prevention seminars for over 10 years both in his school and throughout the local community. Shihan Klein is responsible for developing many of the organization’s head instructors and students serving as one of one six high ranking Head Instructors that are qualified to test students for their blackbelts. Shihan Klein has dedicated his life to instruction mixed martial arts an displays that passion every time he steps on the mat.

Shihan Klien is  and has been Connie's Instructor for the past 18 years