Become a Certified Peer Advocate, Certified Recovery Coach or a Certified Peer Advocate for Families.

In Just 30 DAYS

This comprehensive 30 day training is designed to provide you with all the tools, you need to obtain your credentials. In addition you will make significant transformations in both your recovery process and that of others. 

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This training will provide you the skills that you need to succeed providing peer led services for individual  living with Substance Use Disorders or already in the Recovery Process.  

Course Includes:

Recovery Coach / Peer Advocate Training            30 Hours

Peer Ethics                                                                                16 Hours 

MATS                                                                                            6 Hours 

Science of Addiction                                                            6.5 Hours 

Essential Skills                                                                         6 Hours 

Harm Reduction                                                                     3 Hours                                                                

Motivational Interviewing                                               3 Hours                                                                                                           

Interpersonal Relationships                                           3 Hours 

Documentation for Peers                                                3 Hours 

Introduction to Addictive Behaviors                         3 Hours 

Medical Issues in Recovery                                             3 hours 

Stages of Recovery                                                              6 Hours

Innovational Recovery in the 21st Century         4 Hours 

Trauma Informed  Care                                                    6 Hours 

Supporting Recovery Goal Setting                            4 Hours 

Principles of Ethics                                                              4 Hours 

CRPA- Family   On line Pre-requiste                         10 Hours 

CRPA- Family      In class session                                  10 Hours                                                                  

Renewal Hours

Most of these class are approved for CRPA & CARC Renewals  

Start a new career as Peer....

Scholarships available for Recovery  Coach and Peer Ethics 

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Recovery Coach


5 Day Training  Must attend all five days 

This training is require for the Peer Advocate and Recovery Coach Certification 

Peer Ethics


16 Hour Peer Ethics is require for your Peer Advocate  Application Process. This 2 day workshop will introduce the standard  principles that guide peers in order to provide adequate and appropriate services 



This class is required for CARC certification  it can also be used for renewals. Medication Assisted Treatment Services  and Medication Assisted Recovery Services  is a  6 hour class that will  discuss the different and various  medications used to obtain  and or sustain recovery. 

Science of Addiction


6  hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals

Learn  what neurobiology can teach use about addiction and recovery…  so we can talk about addiction and recovery from a science-based perspective. Understand why it’s important for
 recovery advocacy and the recovery
 community to reduce discrimination and make a difference in how people view addiction and recovery.

Essential Skills for Peers


6  hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals

Essential  skills are a combination of techniques involving people, social

situations, communication, character, attitude, career attributes, and social and emotional intelligence quotients. This is among other factors that also enable those to navigate their

environment, work well with others, perform accordingly, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills

Motivational Interviewing


 3 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals

Motivational interviewing is a  method that helps people resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation they need to change their behavior. It is a practical, empathetic, and short-term process that takes into consideration how difficult it is to make life changes.

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Interpersonal Relationship


3 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals, This class is design to to assist you in developing " people skills" understanding the individuality and uniqueness of people despite the similarites 

Documentation For Peers


3 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals  This class  will teach you how to write effective  progress reports, understand the need and importance of documentation. Review of the recovery plan. 

Introduction to Addictive Behaviors


3 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals, Most people begin using drugs because someone introduce them to it.  Some people are introduce to a lifestyle that is center around using drugs  and making money. These false misleading behaviors are harmful for some even deadly,  This course is design to examine lifestyles, and other addictive behaviors. 

Medical Issues in Recovery


3 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals

Learn about drug addiction related health problems  and how it impacts the recovery process. How to refer and link individuals to the appropriate care. 

Supporting Recovery Goal Setting


4 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals,This class will introduce ways to address recurrences and utilized these high risk situation to strengthen recovery process

Innovation of Recovery in the 21st Century


6 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals. This one day class will identify  the digital era, social media and other electronic platforms and their role and function in the recovery process. A lookout smart recovery will be emphasized

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Trauma Informed Care


6 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals, There is a high correlation between  substance use and trauma. Learn how to detect and perform the appropriate interventions, referrals and linkages. 

Principles of Ethics


4 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewal, This class will review the development, and ongoing need to enhance ethical behavior.

Harm Reduction


3 hour Class can  be used for CRPA & CARC Renewals

Learn what harm reduction is and dispel the myths associated with this model. Understand  the process and dynamics of reducing use of substances and modification of behaviors. 

CRPA -Family On line class


You will need to complete the 10 hour online portion in order to take the  second in class part of this course. You will be provided with the link upon registration 

CRPA -Family


The Certified Recovery Peer Advocate-Family is a new specialization under the existing CRPA – see this page. It affords existing Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPA)  an additional opportunity to offer specialized family peer support.